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Web and Landing Page Design

OK, I've clicked on your email...what now?

A landing page is a special web page, normally outside of your normal website that is designed to inform or gather information from recipients who clicked through from your email or other offline campaign. They are normally tied to a special offer or email campaign and are not normally seen by regular visitors to your website. Landing pages can also include video commercials about your organization, forms to collect more information or opt -ins, or be a sales order page, thus taking the visitor down your sales path. Landing pages are a great way to create new, targeted lists of hot prospects.

Landing page design can make or break a marketing campaign. If they do not clearly state the next steps for the visitor to take or give the information intended, visitors will go elsewhere.

American Email Marketing offers landing page consulting and design as part of it's total email marketing solutions. Contact us today if you are interested in the best interactive landing page design.